Creative Ways To Sell More Cars

Creative Ways To Sell More Cars

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a rapid evolution in the automotive industry. There are so many new creative ways to sell more cars. There have been considerable changes to the buying journey of customers so much that over 60% of cars purchased now began with searches online.

There are several platforms that you can list your cars for sale. I have seen social media used effectively. You need to consider investing more time and effort into your digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing has opened the door to a new world where consumers have more control and can have more options to shop around. These are the best-informed car buyer ever.

The automotive industry is – dare I say, the most complex of all trades. Although the dealerships are where the sales go down, the decisions are usually made way beforehand online.

A Google stat shows that over 90% of vehicle buyers rely on a digital source of information, and it takes two-third of that less than three weeks to research online.

Whether it is information about a brand, to compare models, or just looking for vehicle repair services, it all starts from digital marketing. The ability for you be able to carry out list building for sales is a necessity for every automobile dealership or small car lot dealer.

When car buyers start researching for cars, most times, they are often unsure which model is right for them. So they do a lot of research such that by the time they enter a dealership, buyers show up armed with the information about the vehicle they want to buy. You only have to persuade them to do this and what channels to follow in doing this.

An email marketing strategy is considered one of the best and most cost-effective forms of Digital Marketing.

Email marketing has been one of the best forms of online marketing since the coming of the internet and continues to be so still and more so for dealerships. Over 70% of adults prefer email as a method of communication, according to research by Apogee.

Statistics gathered from automotive dealerships all over the country revealed that dealerships that use email marketing see improved sales, Increased ROI, and more significant customer bases. The research results show email campaigns have, on average, a 10 – 12% open rate and as much as 14% click-through rate.

As a dealership, your email marketing strategy should pay off, and in this article, you will find tips on how to use email marketing to sell more cars.

 Start with a quality list

1. The 1st thing you need to know is to ensure that your list is up to date with accurate customer and prospect details. Sadly, the average dealership has less than 10% correct email addresses for their total customer base, which means there is ample space for you to stand out. You have to maintain your email list on an ongoing basis, just like every other aspect of your business. Emails become outdated pretty quickly as people move on overtime, switch providers, abandon old emails, or opt-out of email listing service. A healthy email database is necessary to reduce spam complaints, improve deliver-ability, engage, and bring in more customers and prospects. When you are list building for sales, the quality of the list is important.

 Add specialty auto data to your records

2. Usually, email records contain bits of information about who your customers and prospects are. You may find a name, phone number, and if you diligently maintain your CRM system, some records may include the car make they drive. Personalize you emails that you send to prospects,

Customers want to get highly personalized emails and will delete those that aren’t, or unsubscribe altogether from your lists if they receive an irrelevant email. It would make no sense to send emails for a high-end sports car to a family of 5. You will likely get a response if you target a larger family with an SUV or mini-van email ad.

However, to have an email list that can be used to target people like this, you need to have the right information on your customers. The correct information includes the kind of vehicle they are currently driving, what their age is, their occupation, lifestyle, and estimated income. What other cars are in their household? With these data in your armory, you can create highly targeted email campaigns guaranteed to drive the highest conversion.


Make sure your emails are mobile responsive

3. Most people open their emails on their mobile devices. When emails are not rendered well on mobile devices, they will most likely deleted. Emails that are not optimized for mobile devices cannot open well on the small screens of a smartphone, tablet, and this can make you lose your prospects. 90% of marketers lose leads when they don’t send out mobile-optimized emails. Don’t expect your customers to save your message and reopen it on a desktop. That’s too much of a hassle.

You should only use mobile-responsive email templates for your email marketing campaign. You need to check this before your emails get sent, it displays correctly across all email platforms to be sure it works fine.

 Use email and marketing automation to boost results

4. You can streamline engagement and conversion by using email automation for your campaigns. Using dynamic contents that adapts to the customer’s interests automatically. Connecting through content can be developed based on the customer’s information like names and birth date that lets dealers connect on a personal level.

Sadly, not many brands are implementing triggered email programs. A research showed that 50% of companies send new customers welcome messages, and less than one-quarter of companies try to re-engage inactive subscribers, and so record lower sales conversions.


When it comes to driving consumers to your dealership, email marketing works fantastic when done correctly. Most car shoppers are motivated by promotions and sales email to visit a dealership. There’s a world of opportunities awaiting you if you take time to implement these strategies to reach more car shoppers with personalized and targeted email marketing.

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